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Learning Our World Travel Kits

Learning Our World Travel Kits help your family make the most of vacation time by providing resources to support joyful learning experiences.  Travel kits are specifically designed for each destination and age level. Activities for pre-trip planning, onsite activities and post-trip learning are provided.  

Travel tote with activities to engage children's curiosity and provide tools to explore and learn about destination. Tote may include a colorful map of destination with key landmarks and points of interest, a scavenger hunt, matching game, field guide, instructions and materials for science project, binoculars, magnifying glass and writing tools.

Brown Vintage Travel Journal Notebook.png

Travel Kit Includes:

Kits are destination specific, content may vary

  • Learning Our World canvas travel tote

  • interactive map with landmarks and points of interest.

  • scavenger hunt or treasure map

  • activity book with games, puzzles and fun facts

  • one travel tool like a compass, binoculars or specimen box

  • interactive travel journal 

An engaging and interactive journal with plenty of space for travelers to express themselves and document their journey. The journal will include pre-trip planning checklists, pages with destination-specific lists of sights, animals, plants, and other features with space for travelers to mark off ones they have seen and add notes and drawings. It will also include pages for travelers to learn about and reflect on local cultures, etiquette, and environment and how they can be responsible tourists. Blank pages and collection envelops for drawings, observations, thoughts, and souvenir collections.

A customized book list and one nonfiction picture book that invites young travelers to learn about their destiation and ingnite curiosity.

Where are you going on your next vacation?

As I figure out the nuts and bolts of launching this business, I'd be thrilled to make a kit for your family to take on your next trip for just the cost of supplies.  Please reach out and let me know where you are going and I will be in touch with more details.   

Thanks for submitting!

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