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  • Michelle Peterson

Hamilton: Resources for Learning

20,000 NYC Public School Students to get $10 Tickets to see Hamilton on Broadway with $1.46 Million Grant from the Rockefeller Foundation.

So exciting that this is happening! Every child learning about American History should have the opportunity to see and be inspired by this spectacular show.

Hamilton is a spark that is igniting curiosity and excitement about history. If you plan on taking your kids, or you have taken them already, use the opportunity to fan the flames of curiosity and dig deeper in understanding. Subscribe to to get a list of resources and field trip ideas.

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“It is a dream come true to have a program like this exist in connection to Hamilton. I can’t wait to perform for a theater full of students who are learning about our Founding Fathers in class and seeing how it still relates to their own lives on stage. They will see Hamilton’s story, and I'm hopeful that the stories it will inspire in them, will change our lives in ways we can't even anticipate,” Lin-Manuel Miranda.

“This musical will ignite curiosity and give teachers and students the opportunity to experience American History in a unique way" NYC Schools Chancellor Carmen Farina

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